HOWTO: Convert a Sky Router into

a Standard Netgear DG834GT Router


This page has been copied from: http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/view-flash.html

Recovery Utility: http://kbserver.netgear.com/release_notes/d102417.asp
Firmware (1.02.04): http://kbserver.netgear.com/release_notes/D102796.asp
Firmware (Version 1.02.09): http://kbserver.netgear.com/release_notes/D103145.asp

Download the recovery utility and unzip it.
Download the latest firmware and save it to the same directory as the extracted Recovery Utility.
It should look like this (it is very important that the firmware is saved here):

Have just one PC connected via a LAN cable.

Logon to your router and click on Backup Settings
Save the netgear.cfg file and keep it safe:

Power down the router.

Using a pen or something small keep the reset button on the back pressed whilst turning on the router.
I held it down for about 3-4 seconds. Holding it down too long might erase your settings. You will now see the Power and Test light flash in an alternating way:

Browse to the DG834 Recovery Utility directory and run RmDrv.exe

Then run UpgradeWizard.exe Click next

Select your network card (thats connected to the router)

If sucessful a device (and only one) will be listed here, select and click next:

It will start the upgrade process and will tell you once complete.

Basic Settings

You will see your username but your password is masked:

To get your password click Backup Settings and save the CFG file. Open the CFG file in Wordpad.

# Netgear DG834GT Text Format Configure File v0.2
# FW Version V1.02.04
# Usage:
# # value list or syntax
# [index]"variable"=value

#< Wizard >
# English German Italian French
# Australia France Italy Singapore Sweden Switzerland UK Other
#< Basic Settings >
# dhcpc pppoe pppoa ipoa bridge ip
[20001]"WAN protocol"=pppoa
# 0:off 1:on
[20002]"NAT (Network Address Translation)"=1
#< PPPoE >
[20103]"Service Name"=
[20104]"Idle Timeout"=0
[20105]"Static IP Address"=
#< PPPoA >
[20201]"Login"=[email protected]
[20203]"Idle Timeout"=0
[20204]"Static IP Address"=